Power Quality

Mission-critical electrical loads are at risk if power fails. KNA works closely with our customers to design a data center that focuses on all aspects of the power needs and risks. Uninterruptable power systems (UPSs) play a vital role in protecting the reliability of the critical infrastructure. Our highly trained employees will install an integrated generator backup system with a complete data center build-out, including walls, raised flooring and a ceiling.  


  • Regulate Incoming Power to Acceptable Levels
  • Battery Backup to Maintain a Continuous Supply of Power
  • Protection from Data Loss and Hardware Damage
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)


  • Provides Extended Run Time in the Event of a Utility Power Failure
  • Multiple Fuel Options Available
  • Primarily used in Conjunction with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Sample Projects

  • Safelite Autoglass Maintenance & Installation (Various Locations Nationwide)
  • IAP Modular Data Center (Middle East)
  • Goodfellow AFB (Texas)
  • Fairchild AFB (Washington)
  • Fort Campbell Army Base, Room 134 (Kentucky/Tennessee)
  • The Point Casino (Washington)
  • VA Los Angeles (California)
  • Lockheed Misawa Data Centers (Japan)
  • VBA Winston Salem (North Carolina)
  • VBA Detroit (Michigan)

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