Precision Cooling

KNA specializes in precision cooling that provides a more accurate control of temperature and humidity year round. Precision Cooling provides dedicated and continuous control of cooling for mission critical equipment. It also provides 24/7 year round operation with cooling options designed to meet customers unique needs when using computer room cooling equipment like InRow cooling systems, perimeter cooling systems, and modular cooling systems.
There are three prevalent approaches:

Direct Expansion:

  • No water in data center
  • Operates in all environments
  • Lower install costs
  • Easiest to maintain

Chilled Water:

  • Higher density
  • More efficient in large centers
  • Operate multiple units from a single heat rejection source

Evaporative Cooling:

  • Lowest PUE
  • No space needed in data room
  • Indirect or Direct options
  • Popular large data room option

Sample Projects

  • Rutgers University (New Jersey)
  • IAP Modular Data Center (Middle East)
  • DIA Makalapa Bldg. 400 Data Center (Hawaii)
  • Fort Campbell Army Base, Room 134 (Kentucky/Tennessee)
  • VA Medical Center Lake Nona (Florida)
  • Navy Submarine Bridge Trainer – Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
  • VBA Winston Salem (North Carolina)
  • VBA Detroit (Michigan)

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