KNA specializes in precision cooling that provides more accurate control of temperature and humidity year-round. Precision Cooling provides dedicated and continuous control of cooling for mission-critical equipment. It also provides 24/7 year-round operation with cooling options designed to meet a customer's unique needs when using computer room cooling equipment like InRow cooling systems, perimeter cooling systems, and modular cooling systems. 

There are three prevalent approaches: 

  • Direct Expansion

    • No water in the data center

    • Operates in all environments

    • Lower installation costs

    • Easiest to maintain

  • Chilled Water

    • Higher density

    • More efficient in large centers

    • Operate multiple units from a single heat rejection source

  • Evaporative Cooling

    • Lowest PUE

    • No space needed in the data room

    • Indirect or Direct options

    • Popular large data room option 

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