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KNA has been committed to providing quality service in Data Center Design and Room Construction since incorporating in 1993. We utilize a reliable turnkey installation program with a heavy emphasis on front end design and competency to reduce any future problems. KNA offers a diverse portfolio of services that will help ensure your next mission-critical project is on time and on budget. From Conceptual Design, Engineering and Project Management to Room Construction, Data Cabling, Power Quality, and Precision Cooling, KNA handles all aspects of the data center installation. Additional services offered include Container Solutions and Green Technology. Our nationwide network uses a combination of experienced KNA employees and approved contractors to meet customer installation needs. International service is provided for Federal Government opportunities.


All KNA employees and approved contractors are thoroughly trained on proper installation practices and procedures per manufacturer guidelines and specifications. All employees and approved contractors are required to complete an annual KNA administered continuing education training course to remain conversant with technological advances in today’s fast-changing market.

KNA strives to be the leader in the power quality and precision cooling market. By using an innovative approach to the overall implementation strategy we can provide the best hardware recommendations and installation solutions for our customers.

  • Trained Installation Professionals

  • Extensive Critical Facility Knowledge

  • Manufacturer Support

  • Project Management Oversite

  • Workmanship Warranty 

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