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Assessment Services

KNA's data center assessments are specifically targeted to provide a clearer picture of the data center's capacity, reliability, and sustainability, as well as its vulnerabilities. Data is collected pertaining to environmental conditions, critical infrastructure capacity and utilization, cooling effectiveness and the condition of power and cooling equipment. Once inventories have been taken and sites assessed, a comprehensive report with detailed information on the existing conditions will be provided along with any recommendations to bring sites up to industry standards by correcting any power, cooling, or space deficiencies. There are a wide range of issues that can affect the data center environment leading to possible weaknesses within the IT infrastructure. Having a comprehensive understanding of the IT environment is imperative to prevent those weaknesses and an on-site assessment can assist by providing a thorough review of the IT environment.

Some top Data Center issues include:


  • Equipment that is beyond its service life

  • Cabling and electrical circuits that are:

    • Improperly labeled

    • Not labeled at all

  • Redundancy and reliability issues

  • Inefficiencies from incorrect sizing of electrical and mechanical equipment​

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