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Overall capacity and reliability are typically the most important factors a customer thinks about when making changes to their data center. The power that brings a data center to life and keeps it up and running is essential to the success of the data center. Downtime can be frustrating and inconvenient for any facility. With mission-critical environments it is imperative to avoid any downtime because electrical loads are at risk if power fails. 


KNA works closely with our customers to design a data center that focuses on all aspects of power needs and risks. Uninterruptable power systems (UPSs) play a vital role in protecting the reliability of the critical infrastructure while providing redundancy. Once our design team creates a comprehensive power quality plan, our highly trained technicians will install an integrated generator backup system with a complete data center build-out to ensure the customer get the proper level of protection needed.

Not only can KNA provide traditionally centralized power systems for battery backup to infrastructures, modular UPS setups are also available. Modular setups can make it easier to size backup power infrastructures, extend the hardware lifespan and also increase the overall load efficiency. This flexibility can provide the ability to grow capacity as needed, reduce maintenance costs and also bring power infrastructure efficiency. 

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