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KNA believes in a comprehensive approach. We take time to listen to the customer, assess their needs, walk the space, and then provide expert advice on the best solutions. 


Our team begins with taking the time to document the client's specific objectives and goals of the modernization project. Once this is understood, we conduct a site assessment reviewing the existing conditions of the data center to determine all environmental conditions. Next, the Data Center Solutions Team reviews the information to develop the most effective and efficient design and solution for the data center space. 

Electricity is the backbone of the data center. Understanding how power relates and what level of electrical redundancy is really needed for the data center design is critical for both continuity and security. It is important to physically investigate the infrastructure equipment and their interconnections while filling the gaps where  performance is not meeting the future needs of the space. This is where prioritizing the actions needed to close these gaps is imperative to bring the data center up to the performance levels spelled out in the design standards. 

  • Needs Assessment & Analysis

  • Equipment Hardware Layout

  • Architectural Space Planning

  • Data Center Design

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Communications Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Fire Protection Engineering

  • Security / Monitoring

  • Contract Specifications

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